Lens Romance With Smart Phone


Hello Everyone!

Do you have passion for photography? Does your phone camera keeps on clicking the good in your vicinity? So here comes an opportunity for you to showcase your talent. And, stall a chance to win prizes. Here are the details:

  1. Contest Name: Lens Romance
  2. Theme: Nature
  3. All You Need: A Smart Phone (Only Smart Phone; No DSLR or Any Other Camera)
  4. Prize: 1000 INR – For First Ranked Photograph
  5. Click any photograph related to the theme and just email us on nextinfotech.in@gmail.com with your NAME, AGE, LOCATION OF PHOTOGRAPH and an attracting CAPTION describing the photograph.
  6. Last Date of Submission: April 25, 2018; 5:00PM
  7. No EDITING should be done to the photograph except CROPING. Doing so, your entry shall be disqualified.
  8. Photograph should be originally clicked by you. You shall bear the responsibilty of its copyright.
  9. All entries will be published on PALAMPUR PANORAMA facebook page and http://www.palampurpanorama.com.
  10. Winner will be adjudged on the basis of its reach, likes & comments. However, final decision will be of PALAMPUR PANORAMA.

Good Luck.